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BS16 is more than just sleeping, working,
eat and drink!
BS16 is living and thinking!

Think laterally and talk about it!

BS16 should be a good experience!

BS16 fulfils wishes !

At the beginning the guest expresses his wish,
and at the end he tells us if we want
wish should really be fulfilled;
in between we name the price and the
It's so easy!

BS16 "Only your BEST we want!
This is our highest and only
For this we do everything humanly possible, and
over and over and over again!"

The guest pays only what he needs and
also used; like area, time and things!

Everything or at least much should be used for thinking

Everything here at BS16 is deliberately so large that
it is big enough; not bigger!

Leave out everything that is not necessary for that the necessary
in highest quality!

Only pay for what the guest needs and uses;
such as space, time and thinge!

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