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best price guarantee


...we do not have, we do not need, because we always and everywhere, for everyone and for everyone always demand the justified fair price, exactly adapted to the situation!


The furnishings are designer products, which are handcrafted according to our ideas by companies from the bern region. The raw materials, for example the wood, have been grown and stored in bern until, after many elaborate work steps, they can be seen in the carpenter's workshop in Schüpfen in the form of furniture, table tops, shelves, cupboards and doors in BS16.   

The natural materials such as wood and steel are all without varnish or paint, all left raw or oiled.

That has its price!


Food and drink is also sourced from suppliers, manufacturers or refiners in the Bern region. Coffee, tea, cheese, meat, plait, eggs, etc.

That has its price!


That's why we have our price!

After you have been with us you know exactly why that is so!


Whatever you see or experience here at BS16, the ecological footprint was, is, and will be present at every step.

But where we still sin consciously, for hygienic and or for reasons of legislation, we are at, over, and thinking ahead to change that.

For unconscious sins we are very grateful for inputs for solutions.

Only pay for what the guest needs and uses;
such as space, time and things!

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