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"The ecological footprint from cradle to grave."

The thought that we do not have resources without end should accompany us daily.

The knowledge that the transformation of these resources changes our environment, and not the resources themselves!

Let's start with small things!

Let's not become extreme, otherwise we do it in the beginning only with reluctance, and then quickly no longer at all!

Let us remember when we take the substances from nature, put them together differently while using the resulting products, and when we separate them again and return them to nature!



Principle on the ecological footprint

Leaving our offspring with a positive ecological footprint does not mean that we only have to do without, but begin to voluntarily reduce, feel that less is more, and that something is only perfect when you can't leave anything out; (Albert Einstein). 

To use the resources we use in combination. The most important resource is our mind ....


Use the lift instead of the stairs to get to the gym which is minutes away... To go by public transport which is minutes away... to go shopping even if the shop is only minutes away ... Then at these places still look for minutes of parking .... (do not move but blow CO2 into the air)


Without additional effort and renunciation, even with a monetary advantage, I can get myself a good feeling and the world a benefit



BS16: Use rooms for combined purposes, without sacrificing comfort for each individual use....

It's about room combinations in which the room design with a room concept defines the need adapted, temporary multiple use of space and objects. 

Define a room size where there is enough space for each, separate, individual application!


In BS16, people who think outside the box and show consideration should come in, exchange ideas and be inspired; not those who are looking for a sterile, quiet, anonymous, white-polished, perfect hotel......just other guests.

BS16 should not only be sleeping, working, eating and drinking, but living and thinking!


Use the space with combinations!

Combine; instead of wasting!

Like air and water, space is an important element!


Short distances wherever possible!


Only use and pay for what is really needed and desired at the moment!

BS16 asks.

What do we need?

What do we want?

What is enough?

What is too much?

What is too little?

For me, for others, for everyone!



The positive ecological footprint in and around BS16 is

The building of the house

The combination of size and functionality of the rooms

Management of the house

The location of the house with the connection to road and rail (train and car)

Reach all possible activities in a few minutes.

The green nature in front of the house

The center of the federal city very close


6 things under the Ecological Footprint criterion:

Living, thinking, working, sleeping, eating and drinking.

Only pay for what the guest needs and uses;
such as space, time and things!

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