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Food & Drinks


The Hotel Bahnhof is located directly next to the BS16.

Here the food becomes an experience.

The excellent cuisine under the direction of chef Marcel enchants every guest with freshly prepared home-style meals, which are served promptly.

Only exquisite ingredients are used.

The quality and the preparation of the food is much higher than the price.

A real insider tip.


The house is open from Friday to Wednesday from early in the morning until late in the evening and also offers rooms.

Very friendly and courteous staff.


We don't want to make anything better that is already so excellent; and if the best is already so close...


Other gastronomy

in the village there is still a straightforward gastronomer to be found:

In the restaurant Löwen Italian dishes like pasta, pizza or salads can be enjoyed in high quality with fresh products, excellently prepared.


Only pay for what the guest needs and uses;
such as space, time and things!

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