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terms and conditions (guest admission contract)

(hereinafter referred to as agb)


1. scope of application


1. these terms and conditions shall apply to the temporary and remunerated provision of hotel rooms for accommodation purposes and for all in connection there with services and deliveries, including any advance services in favour of the customer. Accommodation guest.


2. any terms and conditions of the guest shall not apply, subject to the following reservations an agreement to the contrary previously agreed in writing. This also applies to the repeal of the written form requirement. Guest in the sense of these terms and conditions is both the final consumer and the commercially active entrepreneur.



2. contractual partner


the contractual partner is BS 16 Verwaltungen AG, Bernstrasse 16 in 3054 Schüpfen Switzerland. (hereinafter referred to as "Hotel") and the customer/customer - hereinafter referred to as "guest".



3. the origin of the contractual relationship


1. the contractual relationship comes with the dispatch of the electronic confirmation to the guest. is made. Changes or cancellations can only be made within the scope of these GTC. are carried out.


2. if a third party has acted for the guest, the guest is jointly liable to the hotel for with the third party as joint and several debtor for all obligations arising out of or in connection with the connection with the hotel stay.




If, for unforeseen reasons, the room booked and the room reserved should be changed on your arrival no equivalent room as reserved will be available, you will be in a room of the next higher category. In case there is no room in the hotel is available, Hotel BS16 will provide at least equivalent accommodation in i'd be worried about you at another hotel.



5. prices


prices for rooms and other services in the hotel are exclusively in Swiss francs. Swiss francs (CHF) and including VAT according to Swiss law. is specified.



6. price changes


In the following cases the hotel may change the advertised prices:

• newly introduced or increased government charges (e.g. value added tax, visitor's tax, etc.)

• changes in exchange rates (converted according to the current rate of the hotel)

• misprints that can be clearly explained



7. guarantee, invoicing, advance payment

1. each booking must be guaranteed by a valid credit card.

2. 100% of the total amount must be paid in advance within the period specified in the confirmation (usually 7 days before arrival).

3. any advance payment must be received before the guest's departure. otherwise the guest will be charged on departure. advance payments are subject to value added tax.



8. arrival and departure


1. the hotel rooms are ready for occupancy from 16:00 hrs and are to be vacated before 10:00 hrs on the day of departure abandoned.

2. arrivals or departures outside the mentioned period are only possible if available and prior contact with our reservation or reception is possible and are offset accordingly.

3. depending on the booking situation a late departure after 10:00 o'clock and or an early departure

Arrival before 16:00 hours after written confirmation will be granted.



9. use and return of hotel rooms

1. the use of the hotel rooms and the use of the provided Objects, devices and equipment may only be used in the designated use. Damage and physical injury due to improper The use of objects, equipment and facilities made available is rejected by the hotel. It is also recognized as abusive if more persons than intended or registered to use the rented hotel room or rooms.

2. damages caused by the guest intentionally or negligently will be invoiced by the hotel.

3.smoking is strictly prohibited in all rooms, as well as in all other rooms and corridors in and in front of the Hotel.

4.eating and drinking in the room is prohibited. The penalty fee is at least CHF 1'000.00. All consequential costs will be charged to the guest in full, including any extra expenses.

5.if the fire alarm system is activated by the guest as a result of misconduct, the costs will also be charged to the guest.

10. parking

on the area of the hotel only guests of the hotel, exclusively passenger cars are allowed, park motorcycles or bicycles. Small vans, trailers or trucks are not permitted allowed. for the parked vehicles and their contents, the hotel does not assume any responsibility for the liability in the event of damage or theft, except as provided by law.



11. pets


for the sake of allergy sufferers the keeping of pets in and around the hotel is not permitted allowed.



12. smoking ban and fire protection

1. the following fire protection regulations are applicable throughout the entire to keep to the building.

  • only the rooms belonging to the room equipment may be objects and equipment are used.

  • the use of kettles, ovens, toasters, immersion heaters, electric irons and similar appliances are prohibited.

  • if an attempt is made to deliberately put the fire detectors out of operation, a penalty of at least CHF 1'000.00 per room will be charged. furthermore, the guest will be provided with all other the resulting consequential costs.

  • in accordance with the law of 13 december 2007 on the protection of non-smokers and the advertising is smoking in the interior of the hotel forbidden.

  • in the event of an erroneous or improper alert to the fire brigade are charged a fee of at least CHF 1'000.00 plus the costs of the fire brigade's deployment are passed on to the party responsible.

2. for fire-police reasons unlawfully assigned vehicles are towed away at the expense of the vehicle owner.



13. breakfast

breakfast is not included in our room prices.



14. interim and final invoice


1. during the stay the customer receives weekly an interim invoice for the services rendered until then.


2. the final invoice is payable at the latest on departure.



15. cancellation conditions


1. cancellation must be made at least 7 days before the date of arrival, by 12.00 at noon.


2. for a possible cancellation after expiry of the period mentioned above or no-show cancellation fees will be charged for the total amount.


3. a longer cancellation period may be agreed during certain periods of time, which may include is noted accordingly in the reservation.



16. cancellation by the hotel

1. if an agreed advance payment or any other advance payment requested in accordance with point 5 is made, or if payment security even after expiry of a reasonable period of time set by the hotel, the hotel shall be entitled to immediately withdraw from the contract and to cancel the contract authorized.


2. furthermore, the hotel shall then be entitled to withdraw from the contract with immediate effect, if the commencement, continuation or complete fulfilment of the contract is not the contractual relationship is unreasonable or unreasonable for the hotel, among other things, however, always then, when

- force majeure, political unrest, strikes, catastrophes, or any other event beyond the control of the hotel. circumstances make the fulfilment of the contract appear unreasonable,

- rooms and/or function rooms with misleading or false information of essential facts (e.g. in the person of the guest or the purpose),

- the hotel has good reason to believe that the use of the hotel's services will not be the smooth running of the business, the security or the reputation of the hotel. other guests and/or the hotel, without this being the responsibility of the owner or the hotel. the organisational area of the hotel.

3. in the aforementioned cases, the hotel shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract immediately and to the guest is not entitled to any compensation. Possible payments made by the guest deposits or payment guarantees shall be due and payable to the hotel in accordance with the of the provisions laid down in point 12.



17. liability of the hotel


1. the hotel is liable to the guest only for the latter intentionally or grossly negligently damage caused as a direct result of non-performance or substantial defective performance of the contract or of the contractual obligations assumed by the hotel. the amount of damages will in any case be limited to a maximum of the amount booked by the guest or actually paid on departure. paid residence compensation (excluding VAT and cash withdrawals).


2. should disturbances or defects occur in the hotel's services, the hotel shall be liable to the hotel for the guest shall be obliged to take all necessary steps to remedy the situation if he/she becomes aware of the fact or immediately complains about it. The guest has the obligation to do everything reasonable to remedy the fault. and to keep any possible damage as low as possible, as well as all disturbances or to inform the hotel immediately of any damage.

3. the hotel shall also be liable in the event of loss of or damage to objects brought in only for intent and gross negligence. Insofar as the hotel is legally responsible for third parties, it is also liable only if there is gross negligence on the part of the third party, excluded is the liability of the hotel if the third party has caused the damage intentionally.


4. the liability of the hotel is expressly excluded, in particular for third party and reflex damages. is limited in amount to the benefits of the hotel liability insurance. one any further liability is expressly waived. liability for valuables and cash does not exist because the hotel does not have a safe in the rooms in the house. The hotel is not liable for damages resulting from force majeure.


5. any liability claims shall be forfeited without compensation if the guest fails to notify the hotel without delay after obtaining knowledge of loss, destruction or damage to the hotel in writing he's pressing charges.


6. in the event of loss of or damage to parked or shunted the hotel shall be liable for the guest's motor vehicles and their contents on the hotel premises. unless intent or gross negligence is involved.


7. messages, mail and consignments of goods for the guest shall be handled with care. the hotel takes over the delivery, storage and - on request - against payment of a fee the same redirection. claims for damages, which are not based on gross negligence or intent as well as third party or reflex damages are excluded.



18. data protection

the Hotel undertakes to comply with the applicable data protection legislation at the time of the handling and processing of all guest data as well as the guest usage data for note. guest data is only used to maximize operational reliability or in the interest of sales promotion, product design, crime prevention, survey economic key data and statistics as well as invoicing.



19. copyright and trademark rights

1. the entire content of the website is protected by copyright. All of them rights belong to BS16 Verwaltungen AG or third parties. The elements on the website are freely accessible for browsing purposes only. the reproduction of the any written or electronic form, whether in whole or in part, is permitted only with the prior written consent of the author. explicit mention of is permitted. reproduction, transmit, modify, link into or use the website for any purpose whatsoever public or commercial purposes without prior written consent. are forbidden by us. please contact us at The different names are and logos on the website are generally registered, protected by copyright. brands. no part of the website has been designed in such a way that it may a license or right to use an image, a registered trademark or a registered trademark, or a logos is granted. by downloading or copying the website or any part thereof shall have no rights whatsoever with respect to software or elements on the website. We reserve all rights  in respect of all elements of the website, with the exception of rights belonging to third parties.

2. no guarantee

although we have taken all reasonable care to ensure the reliability of the information provided on this website, we cannot guarantee that it is accurate. at the time of their publication.guarantee, neither we nor our contracting partners can guarantee an explicit or implicit

assurance or warranty (also vis-à-vis third parties) with regard to accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information on make. opinions and other information on the website may be changed without notice. we do not assume any responsibility and do not guarantee that the functions on the website will be available or that the website or the respective server is free of viruses or other harmful components.


3. limitation of liability

if a contractual relationship exists between us and the user of the website, this shall not apply. or any other of our services, we are liable only for the following damage caused by gross negligence or wilful intent. For an accident caused by an auxiliary we exclude any liability for any damage caused. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage loss of profit, data or other direct, indirect or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the use or inability to use this website, or access to elements of the website or their use or the contents there of impossibility to access or use them or to link them to other websites, or other websites or from technical malfunctions.


4. links to other websites

the website contains links to websites of third parties, which are provided for you by i'm not sure you're interested. when activating such links, you may leave the website or the presentation of excerpts from websites of third parties within the environment of the website BS16 Verwaltungen AG has no control whatsoever over the content of external websites linked to this website. and is responsible for the contents or reliability of the web sites of third parties to which links are provided. the functioning of these third party websites in no way responsible or liable. this applies regardless of whether you activate a link to the website or not. or the presentation within the environment of the website and also, if in the latter case the information provider of an external web page is not readily apparent. establishing this connection or consulting the of third party websites is solely at the risk and peril of the user.



20. special

1. the guests are aware of the fact that the staff of the hotel will only be very is limited and the guest is responsible for himself in the day.


2. the house is monitored with cameras for your safety.



21. final provisions, place of jurisdiction, applicable law and delivery address


1. translation into another language: The wording is translated from the German language. the wording of the german language shall serve as the basis. The translated language may be have deviations in meaning and understanding from the original german text. decisive is always the original german text, which can be found on the website: can be viewed.

2. all information (in particular prices, reservations, online calculations) are subject to change without notice. Hotel BS16 cannot guarantee,

that this data is always fully up to date at all times are. hotel BS16 reserves the right to change the information on this page at any time and without prior notice. this also applies to improvements and/or changes to the products described on this page. changes or additions to the contract and confirmation of reservation are always made in writing.

3. unilateral changes or additions of these terms and conditions by the guest are also possible in written form ineffective. with the reservation/payment the guest accepts the general terms and conditions of the Hotel BS16 and confirms that they are understood to and keep it that way.


4. place of performance and place of payment is Schüpfen/BERN


5. should individual provisions of these GTC be applicable to the temporary and remunerated use of the provision of hotel accommodation shall be ineffective or null and void, such the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby. In this case the parties undertake to immediately replace the invalid provision by a valid one. valid and effective provision which, according to its content, is identical to the original provision. the economic intent comes closest.


6. the contractual relationship between the guest and the BS16 Verwaltungen AG is subordinate to swiss substantive law to the exclusion of all provisions of swiss substantive law. IPRG as well as all applicable bilateral and multilateral international treaties agreements.

7. as the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all claims arising from or in connection with the accommodation contract between the parties mentioned at the beginning is Schüpfen/BERN. the contractually agreed place of jurisdiction shall also apply to any pre-trial temporary injunctions measures Application.


8. guests living abroad, or guests without a permanent residence, or guests with a permanent residence abroad, or guests with a permanent residence abroad unknown domicile, hereby declare that they are in accordance with art. 50 para. 2 SchKG of the to impose foreclosure in switzerland and vote in favor of the BS16 Verwaltungen AG and as a special domicile for the fulfillment of all liabilities arising from or in connection with the connection with the present accommodation agreement Schüpfen/BERN.


9. the guest residing abroad, as well as the guest without a fixed place of residence or with unknown domicile agrees that any court and/or court order intended for him or her shall or enforcement documents of the bernese judicial or enforcement authorities, including decrees and decisions, with legally binding effect to the hotel address can be delivered.

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