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House in house


Ecological building materials

During the renovation of the listed building
are the guidelines of the preservation of historical monuments.
and in doing so, to create ecological measures that have a positive effect on people's health and well-being.

materials have been used.
Existing with character and history,
as far as possible unadulterated as possible
I've been told! Making the new recognizably new
between practical and practical
(m)a taste aesthetics, whereby
in the case of discrepancy, aesthetics takes precedence.....
With the hand demolished fireplace stones in the house, other building components are
rebuilt again; without being
plastering, with the thought of receiving
and the respect of ancient and historical
Craft. Ecology paired with natural 


Necessary and perfect
In the rooms everything is perfectly adapted to the necessary
limited, with functional, spartan
Wet rooms that are reduced to the most important.
The floor is made of stone throughout the house.
or made of wood.
As Einstein said: "Something is perfect if
you can't leave anything out.
But if a guest wants that, he can have an
Suite with fireplace, balcony and large bathroom have....
There is also the possibility of private parts
to rent from the hotel with 2, 3, or 4 separate

Haus im Haus.JPG

"Something's perfect when you can't leave anything out"


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