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Corona hygiene measures

Status 22.04.2020


Small hotel

The fewer rooms, with fewer people, the lower the chances of becoming infected with Covid 19 by transmitting viruses.  

Check-In / Check-Out 

"Easy & simply self Check-In" the danger of virus transmission directly from person to person is reduced 100% during Check-In and Check-Out.  The advantage is also that at the same time with the Check - In everything for the Check-Out already ✅ 😕 is settled.


Even before Corona we decided not to install carpets in the whole hotel, knowing the many hygienic advantages, but also knowing that this would make people more considerate of each other when walking on the natural wood floor and stairs.

Bed linen

The bed linen does not contain down or feathers. The fillings are hygienic and easy to clean.

3 Compartmentalised protective covers provide the greatest possible protection against the spread of viruses and allergens.



Breathable innerspring mattresses, specially manufactured according to our specifications, allow the best possible ventilation and thus guarantee an optimal exchange of air. The excellent sleeping comfort speaks for itself!


The breakfast offer is limited in our hotel for current reasons. You can arrange your breakfast according to your wishes a few steps from the hotel, with a very rich selection, and eat it there on site or on the way.  Food that is unpacked by the guest and consumed without storage or processing is best protected against the transmission of viruses.

No minibar

This way any possibility of virus transmission through the minibar during filling and purchasing is 100% avoided.

Cleaning / Staff 

Cleaning staff are antibody carriers, thus the spread of the corona virus is reduced many times over  

Additionally, with increased cadence: Cleaning with disinfectants.


Not entered from the room

If you inform us that we should not enter your room during certain days or during the whole stay, we will respect this.  Such a procedure can further reduce the risk of virus transmission.

Climate in the hotel

We have a 100% virus-free air conditioning system; because we do not have air conditioning in the hotel!  The air that the heat exchangers produce when producing hot water is cold. This ecologically produced cold air is used to cool the house. 

Construction of the house 

The construction is old-fashioned traditional, not hermetic. Thus a good circulation of the air is ensured.  This ensures that no virus nests can form in the house.

Directly in front of the house the nature 

The best way to move around in nature by bike or on foot to strengthen the immune system. 

No more ways from the car parking lot and the covered bicycle shelter to the hotel. 

The car park and the covered bicycle shelter are located directly in front of the hotel and are both illuminated all night. The S-Bahn station is 52 steps away.

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